In the end I’m always abandoned for my better half.

Can We Still Be Friends?

My Faultless Lover,

I don’t think there’s anything more I can do about the situation… By all means do get it out of your system but if that’s the path you wish to continue on I’m afraid this is where we must part ways… Was It ever your intention for us to be right again? Or are you just playing a role that has long since been made obselete? I only wish for the best but sometimes the best just isn’t good enough. The sting of my sin is still fresh and the salt of my happiness only makes it worst but surely you can remember what you still mean to me, what I meant to you… Its a horrible cliche, I know but you have to understand that you are still one of the core, one of the members of “the dot” that I see as my ultimate safety net. If you agree, you can see why we must push forward but if not, please let us not torture ourselves any longer.

Yours Always,

Your Selfish Lover.

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I will never not reblog this gif set whenever it comes across my dash.

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On a roll! (Third haiku) :o

Constant annoyance.
My patient antihero,
How do you do it?

I’m at it again! (Second haiku) :o

The tension is high
But to our friends we share smiles
Issues unresolved.

First haiku! :o

Why do we argue?

No middle ground in sight,

Our anger burns on.

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Y’all seem to disillusioned yourselves into thinking that maah beg yuh friendship…. Big up unnu bloodclaut selves.